Question to ask before choosing a course As personal preferences and university courses vary significantly, it is not possible to provide a comprehensive guide to help you select a suitable course. However, in making your decision, you must be able to respond with confidence to the following questions:

  • Do I have enough information about this course?
  • When will the course start? (March or July)?
  • Am I aware of the course structure, particularly the compulsory and elective modules?
  • Which universities offer this course?
  • Does the course require a high level of English proficiency?
  • Do I intend to pursue my career in the area covered by this course?
  • What are the career prospects after I graduate from this course?
  • Do I have friends who are interested in or who are already studying in this course?
  • What is the cost involved in undertaking this course?
  • Do I want to study at university in the first place? Are there alternative always to acquire the knowledge I require?
  • Do I have the appropriate academic background and results to undertake the course I’m interested in at university?



Although this may not be easy to establish, it is critical to investigate this further as it will affect your job prospects in your home country after graduation. And what happens if you need to return home before you finish your degree?

Will you be able to transfer with credit to a related degree in your home country?

Please contact our counselors for more details and information regarding making an informed decision on which university to attend to