Student Career Counseling

How to choose a career? It’s a question students have been asking themselves for generations. Some are lucky enough to know exactly what they want in life and are able to plan and make appropriate choices – it’s as if their career chose them. Most of us are not so fortunate, and the enormous range of career choices and the even bigger range of academic choices can leave us feeling somewhat lost and confused.


As a professional education consultants and career counselors we can help you to find your right path in life.

Know your strengths

A key part of the process is to get to know you as an individual. In this way we can discover your strengths, talents and skills, but we can also take an honest look at your areas for development and find out what doesn’t suit you.

At Premier consultants we will take you through some of the world’s most respected personality and aptitude tests, to provide you with objective insights into your public and private personas and your true motivators.

We begin with an evaluation, to help you identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as educational objectives, choices, and plans.,


Testing: When appropriate, the consultant will recommend testing for purposes of psychological or academic assessment. Consultants may either administer these tests themselves, or make a referral to other professionals for testing.


Options: The Consultant will work with your family to consider the full range of educational possibilities, and provide a broad selection of pertinent information for consideration.


Advice: The Consultants give students and families unbiased advice and recommendations based on their professional judgment of a student’s needs and abilities. Consultants are compensated directly by their clients and do not receive any compensation from educational institutions.


Contact us today to discuss how we can help you in any of the following ways:

  • Overseas study consultations
  • Psychometric and aptitude test and analysis;
  • Personality tests;
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate course recommendation;
  • Higher education institution recommendation;
  • Career counseling, guidance and planning;
  • Applications, admissions, scholarships and funding advice;
  • Motivation and coaching.
  • Life coaching and mentoring;